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My Dissatisfaction Story

I have been very underwhelmed with the sincerity of the staffing agency I’ve worked with. It’s become evident to me that most of them view their providers just as dollar signs. Case in point, one recruiter who I worked with for several weeks in order to find a job in my town of choice, appeared to be all about frequent communication and contacting me all the time. After I secured the position and had signed the contract, I was concerned about something and attempted to contact him. I left a couple of messages, but no call back. The question then answered itself, and everything was taken care of. I was genuinely excited by the job, and sent him an email to say thanks for his help. I also left a phone message saying the same. Can you guess what happened? Not one reply. Not one message of good luck or saying that it was his pleasure working with me for the last couple of months. Everything went stone cold after he presumably got his payment. Then I knew from my employer that they paid about 15% of my annual salary to that recruiter for me! I was dissatisfied with this whole experience because I felt like I was taken advantage of. Few years later, I wanted to move to another town and I tried to do it on my own however unfortunately I was not successful. This time I did my due diligence search to find a staffing agency which is different than the others and I came across Unique Physician agency. This company is unique in all aspects. When I called, I spoke with a physician just like me! He was very knowledgeable about the job details. The salary, the schedule, the pros and even the cons of the job. He was a health care provider just like me and not by any means a sale person. Unique Physician coordinators are very transparent and they even told me up front how much will they get from my future employer if I sign. They said that they will get half of the money when I sign and half after 45 days of my starting day. They promised me an expensive littmann electronic model 3200 stethoscope, the last version ipad and iphone or 3000$. When I started, I got all my gifts within 2 months. I now try to spread the word among my colleagues about this company. I believe that this company is revolutionizing the world of physician staffing just like how Uber revolutionized the taxi market.

Garland, MD, FACP

Distrust and Betrayal story

I had this terrible experience which affected me greatly. I was a senior resident graduating from residency and I did like most other residents do, I submitted my CV to one of those physicians’ job boards online. Some of those job boards web sites are so cunning and dishonest. They do not let you apply to anything without submitting your CV and full contact info. So, I did and my phone and email – as you imagined – got flooded with emails, text messages and phone calls from staffing agencies. I wanted to work in a specific location and I told them exactly what I wanted. Most of them said yes, we have the job you want in the location I desired. They asked me to send them my CV and when I did after few weeks, they said the job was filled “Sorry”! Some of them told me that they already got my entire CV from those online job search websites without even my consent. Anyway, no one found me any good job opportunity in the location I wanted. I contacted a friend who worked somewhere close to where I wanted and he talked to his medical director and got me an interview. After the interview they offered me a contract which I signed and returned to them. Here is the surprise, I never heard from the hospital again! I tried to call and leave voice messages and I sent too many emails without any reply. I reached out to my friend again and asked him to see what happened. After few weeks he found out that the employer really wanted to hire me however some of those staffing agencies called the employer and asked for 10-20% of my annual salary as a referral bonus for them! They claimed that I was one of their associates and they showed my CV as a proof! Therefore, the employer canceled me immediately and they considered me dishonest because I did not say that I worked with other staffing agencies. Despite the fact that I never authorized any staffing agency to apply for me for this new employer and despite me getting the interview through a friend of mine who worked there, those staffing companies claimed a credit on my behalf from the employer. This made me feel betrayed. I should have never trusted those online job search websites nor those staffing agencies that work with them.

A year ago, I wanted to move to another state with my wife and kids. I tried to find a job on my own however I could not get any. One of my colleagues recommended Unique Physician agency. I contacted them and secured a really good permanent job through their help. I got an amazing experience with this agency. I got the job I wanted with the highest salary in the market. My friend who referred me got 5000$ referral bonus. I referred couple of my colleagues to this agency and now I am getting a steady monthly passive income from Unique Physician as well. I trust them because they are honest and because they are health care professionals just like me not marketing sales personnel.


Looney, MD

My Frustrating Story

This is an unpleasant experience that I had with one physician staffing agency. It actually happened just recently. I was busy seeing patients in the hospital and was pulled out of a patient room because there was an announcement that I had an urgent phone call. Rushing out of the patient’s room, and picking up the phone, instead of it being an urgent medical issue like I expected—I was met by a recruiter who claimed that he knew some great jobs that I should learn more about. When I asked how he knew where I was, he casually admitted that he found which hospital I was working in through an online search. It takes a lot to get me angry, but I told him that it was unacceptable to ever be calling me when I was working in the hospital. Interestingly enough I was looking for a locum job as an extra income however this company approach was very disrespectful and sickening. Now, I work as one of Unique Physician agency locum providers. I like this agency because it is physician-led thus very respectful. I like their unique referral system and their first-class travel. When I go to a locum assignment, I feel like I am going to a very nice vacation with luxury hotels and first-class tickets. This agency as the name implies is really unique and different.

Harvest, DO

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