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We are a physician-led staffing solution agency that was born to find a solution for the growing healthcare professionals’ shortage. We aim to establish a unique staffing solution model that will maximize revenue for both providers as well as health care facilities and clients. We developed a unique recruiting system that allows health care providers from physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other allied health care staff to recruit each other. Our system keeps them motivated and helps them build a continuous passive income and long-term investment. Therefore, our pool of providers is growing tremendously day by day. This will have a great positive impact on our clients by providing various, numerous, quick, and optimal candidates for placements. Learn more

  • According to the American Medical Association, at any given time,

  • 30,000 physicians are working as substitute doctors

  • The American Medical Association estimates the country

  • will be short by 85,000 to 150,000 physicians by 2030 if current trends continue.

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Dedicated to Exceeding Your Expectations

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You succeed, we succeed

Unique Physician agency provides

permanent placements, locums, and part-time staffing for physicians, nursing, and allied healthcare staff. Unique physician staffing is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence, transparency, and integrity. Our staff is unique because they are health care providers therefore, they have a thorough understanding of the legal and operational aspects of this industry. As an employer, you can expect knowledgeable health care consultants actively working on your account to identify, recruit, and screen top candidates. Unique physician staffing also has dedicated coordinators to ease the frustration of travel, credentialing, licensing, and paperwork. Our agency provides a unique top-notch medical malpractice insurance with occurrence-based that covers professional liability, appointment insurance, crime and theft insurance, auto insurance, and appointment insurance for our locum’s tenens candidates. Learn more

Why US?

  • Unique large pool (Over 27000) of health care providers.
  • Unique AI technology.
  • Unique Competitor Discount Program (CDP).
  • Unique physician retention program.
  • Unique physician retention program (RPR).
  • Unique referral system. 
  • Unique Unbeatable offers.
  • Unique customer support 24/7.
  • Unique team to facilitate screening and paperwork.
  • Unique in-house travel agents.
  • Unique placement to interview Ratio.
  • Unique digital and traditional marketing experts.
  • Unique comprehensive database.
  • Unique AI technology.
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  • I love their referral system! I refereed 4 locum physicians of my colleagues to them and so far, I am getting 4 different paychecks passively every month! How awesome is that? They are honest and professional. I did not even need to call them or remind anybody about my referral paychecks! They just kept coming! This is definitely unique and I believe that they will dominate the market in few years.

    M. Anderson
  • These guys do EXCELLENT WORK! They are always professional and available. I now have over 20 jobs listing with the Unique Physician agency. I am very happy with their work and will keep doing business with them. Their work ethics are great!

    M. Nieh
    Director of recruitment
  • It has been a pleasure working with the Unique Physician agency. They have provided me with excellent digital marketing services and helped me to increase the visibility of my job listings. The things I like the best about them are their prompt reply and pace of work. Previously, I have tried the services of some other staffing companies with no notable results. Unique Physician agency has offered me remarkable results within three months of their services and I am looking forward to avail their services for many more years to come.

    S. Winkler
    Head of physician recruitment
  • I recommend their travel team. They booked first-class tickets and luxury hotels and paid for everything. I received a response within one day every time which meets my expectations considering we are hundreds of miles apart.

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    D. Raimondo
  • After working with the Unique Physician agency for one year, I have increased my income by 200% with them. The reason behind this is their result-based services. I thoroughly appreciate their teamwork and they work strategically in a systematic way. Their professionalism is appreciable. I recommend this company to my colleagues and to all those, who are looking for quality services and the highest locum pay in the market.

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    A. P. Iyer
    Locum MD

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